Tutor: How to update logo in CMS and LMS?

I am running Tutor 14.1.2 on Ubuntu 22.04 with Indigo and I’m unable to update the logo. I installed indigo as a plugin as referenced in GitHub - overhangio/tutor-indigo: An elegant, customizable theme for Open edX.

My steps:

  1. Updated the file studio-logo.png in $HOME/.local/share/tutor/env/build/openedx/themes/indigo/cms/static/images with a file of my own.
  2. tutor local stop
  3. tutor images build openedx
  4. tutor local start -d

No matter what I do, the logo does not change.

FWIW, I also did a tutor images build all in step 3 and have the same result.

I recognize this might be a FAQ, but I would appreciate someone helping me out since I’m a total newbie to OpenEdX and Tutor.


Maybe docker is caching the step where your theme files are copied to your openedx.
Try rebuilding the openedx image using the --no-cache option:

tutor images build openedx --no-cache

It will make you wait, but will probably reflect your theme changes.

Thank you, @ARMBouhali. Unfortunately, that didn’t do the trick. I wonder if it’s because I’m copying the assets to the /build folder…

I saw you followed the steps correctly and changed the cms logo and it should reflect in Studio. please look at this HOWTO Customise the Open edX platform logo - Tutor - Overhang.IO reference as well, maybe it helps.