How to enable feeback button and discussion forum

We are trying to customize openedx Ironwood version. We would like to enable Discussion forum and feedback plugins.

1.How to enable feedback xblock ?
2.How to enable Discussion forum xblock?

Hi @divya.vishnu , would you be able to share more details about your deployment? How are you deploying the platform (eg. edx/configuration scripts)? Which xblocks are you referring to (links)? :slight_smile:

Hi @swalladge ,Thank you for your reply ,We deployed the code via configuration scripts.
The below link refers to the configuration:

The below link refers to feedback Xblock:
GitHub - pmitros/FeedbackXBlock: edX: An XBlock to allow students to provide feedback on course materials
The below link refers to discussion Xblock:
GitHub - edx-solutions/xblock-discussion: XBlock - Discussion forum

@divya.vishnu, it should be possible to install the xblocks by setting the EDXAPP_EXTRA_REQUIREMENTS key in the config.yml file. For example:

  - name: 'git+'
  - name: 'git+'

(You’ll probably want to replace @master with the revision or commit you want.)

Hi, Thank you @swalladge for your quick reply, We have already installed the Open edx ironwood master version and performed some customization. So would you please suggest the manual installation of Feedback Xblock and Discussion forum Xblock in this build, without altering the existing structure.

For your reference followed these 5 steps to install the Open edx ironwood.master in ubuntu16.04

step 1 : export OPENEDX_RELEASE = open-release/ironwood.master

step 2 : Created a config.yml file and added the following:

        `EDXAPP_LMS_BASE: ` "localhost"`
        `EDXAPP_CMS_BASE: ` `"localhost:18010"`

step 3 : wget https: / / / edx / configuration / $OPENEDX_RELEASE / util / install / ansible - - O - | sudo - E bash

step 4 : wget https: / / / edx / configuration / $OPENEDX_RELEASE / util / install / generate - - O - | bash

step 5 : wget https: / / / edx / configuration / $OPENEDX_RELEASE / util / install / - O - | bash

@divya.vishnu ok, if you want to manually install, you’ll need to open a shell in the machine where the lms is installed. Then you’ll need to activate the lms environment - I’m not sure exactly what it looks like on the native install, but here is an example for devstack:

source /edx/app/edxapp/edxapp_env
source /edx/app/edxapp/venvs/edxapp/bin/activate

Then use pip to install the xblocks, just as you would for any other python package.

It sounds like the native install has the lms and studio on the same instance, so you may need to repeat for the studio python environment (if it is separate to the lms).

Hi @swalladge Thanks for your response. As per your instructions we have done above steps
First we had enable feedback button and its works fine.
Then we tried to install discussion Xblock after restarting all services and try to open it in to browser it shows “internal server error” both in lms and studio.
we have followed the steps you suggested. How to resolve this issue?

Hey @divya.vishnu can you provide more detail about the error, you can have a look at the log file for lms at /edx/var/log/edx/lms/edx.log.

You can run tail -f /edx/var/log/edx/lms/edx.log to see what is the error you are landing in. Can you paste error log so that we can help here.