🛠 How to get emails for announcements

If you would like to receive emails for announcements in this category, follow these instructions:

  1. If you don’t have an account here yet, create your account with the Sign Up button at the top.

  2. Navigate to your categories preferences.

  3. To get an email for each new announcement, you want to use Watching First Post. (There are four different levels of notifications, and you can add any categories to any of them.)

  4. When you click into Watching First Post, there will be a drop-down of categories to choose from. Select the type(s) of Announcement you want to receive. Selecting just “Announcements” won’t send you all of them, you need to pick all the sub-categories in that case. You might need to scroll the drop-down. See the picture below.

  5. You can add multiple categories, and will get emails from any of them.

  6. Don’t forget to Save Changes when you are done.