How to get help with an X-Block

We recently noticed the “in-video problems” x-block appear in the “Advanced” section of New Component, in the core edX instance, and in EDGE.

It is marked as “Not Supported” by edX, which I understand.

I had a specific request from a designer to use this feature, so I tried my hand at implementing, as per the very basic string guidance in the interface itself. No joy.

I’d like to keep trying, but I am unsure the BEST way to seek some guidance. Post a bug on GitHub? Attempt to contact the original developer?

Typically I would approach my own technical team to help me unpick it, but with the current situation, they are absolutely flattened.

Any guidance appreciated.

Matthew P

@matthew.petersen From other posts about this in you don’t seem to be the only one having issues with it. I’m not sure if this is still supported, especially with the latest version of Open edX. But you could try posting the detail of your issues here to see if anyone knows how to solve it, or failing that get paid support one of the Open edX providers.