How to install python packages in edx-platform folder while using Tutor?

I want to implement the python package in tutor, I have read some docs that say I need to create a package in env/build/openedx/requirements/ folder and point it in the private.txt file and at last I need to rebuild the image. That worked! But my question is can I put my packages in edx-platform instead of putting them in env/build/openedx/requirements/ folder and point to the private.txt file?
The reason behind asking this question is that what if I want to create a new python package for another project, and where will I point in a single private.txt file to install my new package, I think it will be messed up with multiple projects that use a tutor in the same machine to install the requirements in a different project. Need a good solution for these kinda issue.
Thanks in advance.