How to limit number of times a student enroll a course?

How to limit the number of times a student enrolls a course?

Hello, this is a little vague, but maybe if you give a little more context to your question we can help.

Enrolling in a course can be limited by the course mode or invitation_only advanced setting.
If you go with invitation_only, you can make courses available only to students that were previously whitelisted by the instructor. With the course modes in coordination with the ecommerce service you can make enrollments cost a certain amount and restrict it that way.

Now when you say the number of times, it is confusing because students should only enroll in a course once. Do you have a situation where the users are un-enrolling and enrolling again several times?

Hello @Felipe, thanks for your anwser.

Sorry for the confusing question. In the case that a student complete learning a course, they can go back to course info page and start it over again(click the start button). Is there any way to prevent that student from starting over the course after they’ve completed the same course 2 or 3 times before?

Hello @Thinh_Vo,

Now I understand what you are trying to do. There is no way of doing that. At least no that I know of.

The alternative would be to deactivate the enrollment (unenroll) the user after he/she has finished the course content and perhaps created a certificate. You would have to do that manually though. This would only work for private courses(invitation_only). For public courses it will do nothing since the user can self-enroll again.

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