How to load data from lms to analytic

Hi everyone,
I am installing openEdx on local with devstack. Currently I have implemented lms, cms, but as of analytic data api, I am currently having a problem:

On the doc there is make loaddata to generate_fake_course_data

However I want to get the actual value in lms, how about?
Hope everyone answers?

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@tuanlinhchi Unfortunately the analytics pipeline is being retired (timeline unknown), and so has been removed from the devstack. So information is going to be sparse on the ground.

The tracking log data loaded by the devstack pipeline is in hdfs, under hdfs://localhost:9000/data/. So you’ll need to copy your LMS tracking logs from /edx/var/log/tracking/tracking.log into hdfs. See Analyticstack Frequently Asked Questions for commands to do this.

But if you need analytics on an ongoing basis, you might want to try installing Appsembler’s Figures instead.