How to configure Open edX Tutor to have a landing page of your own?

Good day fellow developers! Before I discuss my problems here, I would like to describe first my knowledge regarding this matter. I am quite new to Open EdX tutor. In fact, in installing the tutor build (nutmeg version) I just followed the instructions on the installation guide in the tutor documentation. Without further assistance, I no longer understand how to go further from here. So please bear with my low level of logic and programming. :sweat_smile:

Here is my problem. I have a sample landing page for my Open EdX tutor and I want it to be the face of our website. I know that the guide to configuring and customizing your Open EdX is in the Configuration and Customization part of the documentation, but again, I am quite new to this and I don’t even understand some of the terminologies, explaining that it is quite similar to the native build.

How can I configure our Open EdX tutor to turn the sample landing page as the first part of our website? And how can I synchronize the landing page to my Open EdX Platform?

NOTE: Regarding this matter, I saw a sample plugin that is similar to my goal. The tutor-richie plugin. So as of that, I realized that I need to turn my sample landing page into a tutor plugin. I’ve tried it for weeks and I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right.
So I changed my method and I tried cloning the repository of my sample landing page in my Open EdX platform, but then what? How can I make it the front of my website? Also, if there are changes that I should do in my landing page, does simply configuring it in my git based repository and git-pushing the changes to my instance provides the expected changes that should take effect?

I hope someone could help me. If the answer to my question would be quite broad, a simple starting point would be enough and I’ll study it from there. Hope to be like the experts here in the near future. :blush: Thank you.

Hi @Engr_James_Lusuegro,

I can’t offer any advice on using the tutor-riche plugin. But, have you considered using theming to modify the landing page?

We are using a modified version of Indigo on our site to control how users log in. The process is straightforward. Basically, the files you add to the theme override the files in Open edX. I think we just copied the template files from the Open edX code base and then modified it to meet our needs.

You could copy the ‘indigo’ folder to env/build/openedx/themes/ per the Tutor instructions, and then start modifying it in the dev environment to build the landing page. You’ll have to rebuild the images and set the theme when you are ready to use the theme in your production environment.

I hope this helps!

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