How to modify the text and picture?

How to modify the text and pictures on the page? I want to change the English on the page into Chinese, and so do the pictures.

Hi Hongzhou
For your text you have to edit the text in Studio replace the English text with Chinese text.
It might be easiest to create a copy of the course so you have an English version and a Chinese version.

If you edit your images-with-text offline in a “translation” folder to create copies with translated text and keep the same filename, then you can upload the translated images to Studio > COntent > “Files & Uploads” in the translated course - this avoids the need to edit in Studio > … > Xblock > Edit the image-source filepath/filenames.
However, that can make your offline file-management of the images more difficult as you will have 2 different versions of each image that has text (one with English-text, one with Chinese text) but both with the same filename.
But using clear offline-foldernames should make it OK (other than when searching).

If you use video with transcript-text, you can add a translation of the transcipt-text to the original video. You can use a filename suffix for the transcript ( or something like that) to avoid having the same filename for each transcript. The video-player will then give the use to select either of the languages. (The language-setting of their browser will determine which is set as the pre-selected language.)
(The audio of the video will still play as the original language audio.)

The good news is that the “platform text” (Previous/Next buttons, invitation emails sent from the platform etc) will automatically display the relevant translation (from the pooled set of translations collated by Transifex) if the course has its language set in:

  • Studio > Settings > Course Details > Course Language: select the relevant language

  • In Django-Admin: your.platform.url/admin set in /admin/dark_lang/darklangconfig/ the relevant language code - I think for Mandarin it should be cmn

If you use any of the EdX Extension Xblocks, you should check with the listed-creator which translations (for their buttons, actions) have been manually included that extensions “.po” files (.po = "portable object)

Other places to ask for more info:

Hi @hongzhou, welcome to discuss :raised_hands: :sparkles:

When I want to change the language of my platform, I edit the LANGUAGE_CODE variable. If you are using Tutor, you can run tutor config save --set LANGUAGE_CODE=zh_CN to set the language to Chinese.
Regarding the look and feel, I don’t have much knowledge, but I hope this helps you:
Changing appearance: Changing the appearance of Open edX — Tutor documentation
Comprehensive theming: 6.2. Comprehensive Theming — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation

About Tutor configurations: Configuration and customisation — Tutor documentation
Language codes available by default: edx-platform/config.yaml at master · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub

Well,Thanks! I am looking for source code.

Yes,Thanks!But some places still retain English, such as the start course , date, copyright, etc.

If by “Copyright” you mean the footer links (Terms, Privacy, …)
I think you have to change those in the “Theme” as indicated above by Maria.

Buttons and labels (Start button, “Date” label …) I think will change if you:

  1. Use "Studio > Settings > Course details" to set the “Course Language” you require
  2. If you have set the “dark_lang” in Django-Admin as described above, then in your LMS-view (learner-view) at the top of the screen you will see you language default. If it is set as English, change it to the language you require. (Your learners will be unlikely to have to do this.)

Those 2 steps should make EdX display the relevant button-text and label-text from a central-set of translated text.