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How can I customize my openedx front-end? I want to change the UI of site completely and translate it to my own language. Could anyone help me in this way?

Hi Hojjat,
There is no need to send same question in several categories.
I removed other topics. This one is in the right place and could receive answers from those who know about it. Also your question is not so accurate. Try to share more details about your actual problem. For example what kind of installation you tried. Did you succeed?
Reading this page could be a good place to begin:

Hi @hojjat,

What you are looking for is a combination of theming plus translation. The Open edX platform has a built in mechanism that allows you to change the look and feel of your instance called Comprehensive Theming.

There’s a lot of useful documentation to get started here. After you’re up and running, you’ll find that there’s a few Open Source themes that you can fork and modify.

We (OpenCraft) build a simple theme that can be deployed along your instance, check it out here:

As for translations, there’s already a few languages available in the platform. You can check if your language is translated here:
To set a language when deploying, you’ll need to add the following ansible overrides to the playbooks:

# Example Arabic - Language code: ar

Check out this resource in the wiki:

Here are some other posts discussing the same:

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