How to move through Tutor versions?

I don’t think I have seen anything about it, but I could be wrong. Let me explain.

(I am sorry if I have cross-posted this topic to the Tutor board, but I guess we need more eyes to see it)

On the good old days of the Native installation before the era of Tutor installation, when you needed to move from one version like Hawthorn to another version like Koa, you needed to install Ironwood, Juniper and then Koa to make sure the Django migrations were run correctly in order to keep the integrity of your data between releases.

What about Tutor?

My business case is the following. I am currently running a Native installation with Koa. I need to move to Maple or Nutmeg when it will become available. I need to carry my current data with me while I upgrade from one release to the other.

How do I specify which open-release version to install with Tutor? I assume I will have to first install either a Koa or Lilac release of Tutor and then move on to upgrade to Maple and then Nutmeg in order for the Django migrations to run correctly, right?

How should I proceed?

And to complicate things we have our own fork :wink:

Suggestions are welcome.


The recommended approach is to install the tutor version that corresponds to your native installation version and migrate the data. Then you can upgrade tutor, one release at a time.

Tutor major versions corresponds to an Open edX release:

  • 13.+ → Maple
  • 12.+ → Lilac
  • 11.+ → Koa

So in your case you’d start with the latest release of 11.x.x of tutor.

With the fork, as far as I know, you have to pass arguments when build the opened image. If there are no custom migrations in your fork, you do this step at the end (I think :sweat_smile:).


Thanks @BbrSofiane

I did try to install Tutor’s Koa version since I wrote my message. Unfortunately, because our fork is up to date, I encountered problems using the latest 11.x.x version because it complained while installing edx-platform patches… That was unexpected, but it made sense.

As a result, I had to use the earliest 11.x.x version so that it didn’t try to apply the patches I had already installed after the original release of koa.1, and then koa.2 and then koa.3.

Now I have to try importing my data in the MySQL and MongoDB, run the migrations and then try upgrading to Tutor’s Lilac version.

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