Migrating from native to tutor

Hi dear all,
I have an ironwood version with a native installation server. I want to upgrade from ironwood to the Maple version. Now I have finished Maple with Tutor. How can I upgrade? Can I need to install ironwood with Tutor or can I upgrade directly ironwood native to maple tutor? If I need to firstly ironwood with Tutor, pls guide me on how to install ironwood with Tutor and database migration? Pls, share with me all open edx release versions with the Tutor version. And how can I check my edx version in Tutor?

tutor --version

This post can guide you how to migrate from native to tutor

tutor local exec mongodb “command”


or you can search the forum how to expose the port to make remote connections

Hi @rose,
I understand that we feel quite frustrated with technology when things don’t go as we expect. However you made 10+ posts in a few minutes for related issues, and the system is flagging them as spam. I suggest you focus in one problem at a time, go ahead as much as you can and when you are stuck then ask for help.
If you need urgent support, you can visit the list of Open edX support partners who can help.

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