How To Programmatically Set A Course Advanced Fields


I can’t stress this enough: an issue report without instructions to reproduce the problem from scratch is a very difficult one to fix. Even experienced developers (perhaps specially them!), when browsing bug reports to try and fix, will instinctively skip these.

Reproducing the bug gets you half way to fixing it. I see folks are trying to do that here, which is encouraging. :+1:

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@arbrandes @sambapete @ghassan

We put in a PR with the master branch here to use a Django CMS management command to bulk update course advanced settings using the existing update_course_advanced_settings found at cms/djangoapps/contentstore/views/

We added in a --limit-bulk-update-operation {0-N} command option to prevent the command from consuming all server memory and crashing the server. So far this looks promising.

cc @traek728 @becdavid