Changing the default values for Advanced Settings?

Is there a generic way to configure override values for configurations I see under Advanced Settings?

E.g. I want to change the default “Course visibility in catalog” to “none”, so that when instructors make new courses, they don’t show up on the front page by default. I can see that I actually have an entry of


under the Django admin/site_configuration/siteconfiguration Site Configurations, but this doesn’t seem to have any effect, as new courses still have a visibility of “both”.

Similarly I want to change other stuff so instructors don’t, like “Enable video caching system” to false, “Invitation Only” to true, “Show Answer” to “attempted”, and most importantly, “Advanced Modules List” to the correct list which everyone should be using.

I assume this should be done with a tutor plugin, but I’d appreciate help on how to find what the names are of these fields, so I can know what needs to be put into that plugin.

Thank you

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