How to redirect student to another domain after logout?

After the student logout, student will be redirected to home page. But i want to develop a marketing site, in which, the student after log out will be redirected to another domain, in which they will be offered some services.

How to set this?

I just solved it, i put
Location /logout{
Return 301;

Does it logs out your user ? Or just simply redirects them to other site ? Just curious.

It log out the user first then redirect to the new site

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hello sir, can you tell me where to put these lines in open edx. means in which file and what is the path of that file

try to find nginx lms

Isn’t it possible by adding a redirect for /logout in django admin domain/admin/redirects/redirect/ ?

Hi @LeonordLim ,

I am facing this issue in Nutmeg. I am using with Tutor with Nutmeg. Please guide me how i will manage my logout url please guide me.

For this, simply modify logout.html and you can do whatever you want.

If you’re using Docker/Kubernetes, it’s very easy since you just need to create the file as volume and mount it at run time to path lms/templates/logout.html

I did federated logout with Keycloak with same idea