Change default redirect target url at LogoutView

By default when you didn’t specify the next or redirect_url param to logout view, there is a hard-coded URL / that redirects successful logouts to LMS. how to change this behavior without touching the openedx source code?(I’m using the openedx as my upstream so I can’t change the openedx source)

If you about this “LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL” variable in edx-platform/lms/envs/, then why not to write simple Tutor plugin and use Tutor patch Template patch catalog — Tutor documentation.

No . its the logout process not login. alghough I tested you’re suggestion and not worked. even the more meaningful settings settings.LOGOUT_REDIRECT_URL not worked…

If you are using the MFE, consider chaning it from the MFE_CONFIG dictionary, there is a variable there that reflects the LOGOUT_URL .

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I need a way to fix this globally either in MFEs and the legacy theme(indigo) , everywhere the logout is used. the method you mentioned is not practicall for me