How to remove the Register page in Tutor Open edX

I have installed tutor successfully. I have also changed the following setting:


But this command only disables the register tab but does not remove it from the UI. The register tab is confusing to users, since it is inactive but still visible. Please let me what can be done?

Hi @Riya_Jain ,
I’m still trying to understand the workings of this convoluted platform, but I believe you’ll have to:

  1. create a custom theme in which you change the navigation for the theme. This will not apply to micro-frontends (MFEs).
  2. if you’re using MFEs, you’ll have to create a custom fork of the frontend header component and then create custom forks of each MFE you’re planning to use. Each of those will need to use your custom fork of the frontend header. However, not all MFEs use that frontend header component, so it becomes a bit sisyphean trying to keep track of all the moving parts.

I’m actually in the process of sorting this out myself - not specifically removing the registration button, but generally customizing the header and footer UI. You’re welcome to follow along as I attempt to wrap my head around it.

Honestly, if I could figure out how to bind-mount custom local forks of MFEs to Tutor Palm, there would be some significant progress in solving this issue.

As a somewhat related aside, here’s a post that describes the MFE header discrepancy in greater detail: Learner's dashboard MFE is not ready for usage in community

This topic has been brought up previously, although the answer is olive specific. I’m unsure if the instructions will work in version palm: How to customize header and footer in tutor mfe

As of now, you can only do this when using tutor dev. In a normal production tutor local launch, only the MFE build artifacts are copied into the single mfe image, and there’s no way to individually mount directories from the local filesystem. This is intentional, though: there’d be little reason to use containers, otherwise.

That said, we (as in, the Open edX community) are well aware of these and other related frontend issues, and are working on trying to solve them. If you’re interested, you can check out my last conference talk, which presents one of the prongs we’re attacking the problem with (essentially, rendering the page frame, including the header, outside MFEs).

For the other (known) prongs, checkout this PR to add loading external CSS themes, and the Design Tokens ADR.

if you are using tutor v16 (Palm)
you can use this

from tutor import hooks


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Thank you so much for the help.

I will try modifying tutor mfe.