Why is there a different "Register for free" vs "Register" UI for the registration button in upper right corner

Does anyone know why I would be seeing a different “Register for free”

vs “Register”

UI for the registration button in upper right corner, on the same site, based on whether I’m on the main LMS landing page, vs. within a public page?

(I actually prefer the “Register for free” and would like that to appear everywhere, since I think that’s helpfully clarifying for potential students.)

Basically it seems like the tutor-indigo theme is applying to the external pages but not the internal ones? Does this have something to do with the MFE vs. non-MFE pages?

Hi @ABC,
There are currently several different implementations of the header navigation. I’ll list the ones I’m aware of:

  1. the default in edx-platform (which in turn is used by any theme you use, ie. Indigo)
  2. The shared header navigation component used by many MFEs: GitHub - openedx/frontend-component-header
  3. Any MFE not using that shared header component described in #2

There are already a few different threads about varying facets of this, which I’ll share below:

The long and short of it is that it is all a work in progress.

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