How to send mass emails in Open edX?

Hello, everyone. I want to email everyone. How do I set it?

@Dexter do you mean that the bulk email feature isn’t visible in your instructor dashboard? If that’s the case, you need to add a flag in the Django admin panel as shown here.

If the bulk email functionality is already available in your instructor dashboard, you can follow the instructions from the doc.

I hope this helps!

@gabrieldamours Thanks for your reply, I’ve set it up in the admin page, but in my instructor dashboard, I can’t find the email function. I don’t understand what’s going on.

@Dexter I just found how to do it. AFAIK this isn’t documented. You have to set an authorization to send emails per course:

Go to the Django admin page and scroll down to the Bulk Email Administration, then click on “Add” next to “Course authorizations”:

Paste your course ID (it’s at the end of the URL when you’re on the course outline view in the LMS) and save. A moment later the Email tab will appear under the instructor dashboard:


If you want to enable bulk email globally, you can disable the “REQUIRE COURSE EMAIL AUTH” flag in the admin view.


@gabrieldamours Thanks for your reply. Under your guidance, I can see the bulk email functionality is already available in my instructor dashboard. I tried to send emails, but all failed. I don’t know why?

@felipe.espinoza.r Thanks for your reply. I can’t find the “REQUIRE COURSE EMAIL AUTH” flag in the admin view. Where can I find the flag.


It works for me, so I can’t really help you with that one unfortunately. Did you self-install or do you work with a provider? We at OpenCraft can provide technical support if needed, let me know.

@gabrieldamours Thank you for your help. We have our own developers, but they’re not very professional.

@Dexter, can you check from email id in your log files when you send email?
AFAIK, it will create from email id using your course id and that email will not be registered in you email client. Maybe this could be the reason of the failure.