How to sync configuration changes between devstack and nativestack?


Needless to say, I am new to OPENedX platform and trying to understand the work flow involved in installing, configuring and managing self-managed OPENedX platform.

I have managed to get a native-stack installed in Azure through bitnami and devstack installed on my workstation.

My goal is to customize the newly installed platform for my organization and manage any changes I may need to do in the future.

In the link given below, I got to know the installation and customization option. But, I am not clear on how I can push my configuration changes/themes files/… from devstack to native-stack or from one native-stack to the other native-stack.

Should I manually copy the files between OPENedX instances or is there a built-in mechanism to push or pull configurations between the Instances?

I appreciate your help in advance…

Hello @rpandiaraja and welcome to the community
There is no way to directly push changes from a Devstack to an OpenStack server.
But you can take advantages from git.

  1. Create a fork from main repository e.g. edx-platform and change your devstack to work with it.
  2. Once you made your changes, commit and push them to your fork
  3. After all use git pull to update your openstack server’s code base.

if you are familiar with /edx/bin/update you can set:

edx_platform_repo: ""

in your server-vars.yml to fetch things automatically from your own repository.