Development worflow

Are there any resources/tutorials on the workflow of developing from devstack. You install it locally and get it running. Then what? Say I want to change one hard coded word to something else as an experiment. For example:
Then what happens? How do I observe those changes locally. How do you then get that change to production?
if you use the existing production instructions, you are just installing the EDX based code. How are you suppose to install your own code.
Seems like there is a huge gap in knowledge of how you work on your own fork of open edx.

@jw56578, Open edX has a comprehensive theming system built-in. So yoy can create a custom theme with just the changed templates to override the ones that ship with the platform. This way you don’t have to make any code changes directly in the platform codebase at all and it is easier to carry-forward the overrides across Open edX releases.

Please let me know if you have any questions or doubts.

I think some of your questions about getting your changes into production are addressed in section 3 of this guide. which maybe you haven’t found (not sure how I did).

But I too need a recipe for how to do a very common developer workflow which is what you are asking for. I will post on new topic which hopefully phrases the question in such a way that we get a more useful reply.