How to translate indigo theme in different languages? I have to translate my home page and

Hey @community, I am new here. I am working on a Tutor and the indigo theme. I am trying to translate my whole platform in different languages. MFE is translating properly, but problem is my indigo theme is not translating.

Does anyone know how to translate the indigo theme?

I want to translate my home page which is comes from indigo theme.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Ronak_Pansuriya1 ,
There is no direct way to do this. You can follow below steps for translations:

  • Create a folder tutor-indigo/tutorindigo/conf/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES.
  • Mount indigo theme to lms container at this path edx-platform/themes
  • Run command make extract_translations in lms container
  • Now, Navigate to edx-platform/conf/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES and copy the translations of indigo theme.
  • Paste the translations there into a new django.po file in tutor-indigo/tutorindigo/conf/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES.
  • Now, tutor config save and start. It will pick the translations automatically.