How to update all the indiviual Tutor components


The directions for upgrading Tutor (Installing Tutor — Tutor documentation) doesn’t seem to update the plugins. For example sudo pip install "tutor[full]==15.3.7" --upgrade only upgrades tutor, but it doesn’t apply to the following items which all stay at the original version.

tutor                  15.3.7
tutor-android          15.0.0
tutor-discovery        15.0.0
tutor-ecommerce        15.0.2
tutor-forum            15.0.0
tutor-license          15.0.0
tutor-mfe              15.0.4
tutor-minio            15.0.0
tutor-notes            15.0.0
tutor-webui            15.0.0
tutor-xqueue           15.0.0

However, there is at least a newer version for tutor-mfe that fixes the reset password link fix reset password link by vunguyen-dmt · Pull Request #109 · overhangio/tutor-mfe · GitHub that we’d like to apply.


tutor plugins should be upgraded to versions that are compatible with Tutor.
If you just need that specific PR, you can use a custom plugin mentioned here