Runing multiple vaersions of tutor

i have install tutor with different version and i have changed there root_path but when i install new mfe it show in another list not in currrent one

Desktop$ tutor --version
tutor, version 16.1.5
Desktop$ tutor2 --version
tutor2, version 17.0.2

/Desktop$ tutor2 plugins list
android installed 17.0.0
discovery installed 17.0.0
ecommerce installed 17.0.0
forum installed 17.0.0
mfe :white_check_mark: enabled 17.0.0
minio installed 17.0.0
notes installed 17.0.0
webui installed 17.0.0
xqueue installed 17.0.0

/Desktop$ tutor plugins list
android installed 16.0.0
cairn installed 16.0.3
discovery installed 16.0.2
ecommerce installed 16.0.4
forum installed 16.0.2
indigo installed 17.2.0
jupyter installed 17.0.0
license installed 16.0.0
mfe :white_check_mark: enabled 16.1.3
minio installed 16.0.3
notes installed 16.0.2
webui installed 16.0.1
xqueue installed 16.0.2

i want to enable indigo in tutor2 but whenever i install it run successfully but listed in tutor with version 16.1.5

Have you set up a distinct Python Virtual Environment for each version you are running? If they both running in the same Python venv then PIP will overwrite each other’s versions

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You could also try using tutor version manager: GitHub - eduNEXT/tvm: Tutor Version Manager and Tutor enVironment Manager

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You need to change 2 variables


Also other things to keep in mind are as Joel said, to have different venv for both tutors.

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Thankyou @rediris , it really helped me