How to upload video to open edx instead of YouTube or other video url

I want to upload a custom videos to any course and I don’t want to provide url to each video instead I want to upload the video to Open Edx Studio. Is that possible to use?

Hi @Abel_Getu,

Absolutely, you can host your videos directly on your Open edX platform without relying on third-party services like YouTube. Here are the steps to upload a video to your course:

  • Navigate to Studio/CMS.
  • Select the course you want to work on. From the “Content” dropdown menu, choose “Files & Uploads.”
  • You will be directed to a page that provides an option to upload files. Use this feature to upload your video file.
  • After uploading, copy the “Web” URL provided for the uploaded file. This URL will be used in the video block to embed your video in the course.

Please note, by default, the system allows a maximum file size of 100MB for uploads. But you can change it from settings.


Thanks @Mahendra I will try it and let you know

hi mahendra, how can i change the miximum file size of 100mb? what setting should i change?

refer to the CaddyFile, in below example I have set the limit to 1GB

cms.yourdomain.tld{$default_site_port} {
    @favicon_matcher {
        path_regexp ^/favicon.ico$
    rewrite @favicon_matcher /theming/asset/images/favicon.ico

    import proxy "cms:8000"

    handle_path /* {
        request_body {
            max_size 1024MB

Using these steps you can increase file size upload in Caddy.

To increase file upload size in studio “Files & Uploads” you need to modify the below settings using tutor plugins:

### Size of chunks into which asset uploads will be divided

### Max size of asset uploads to GridFS

@Mahendra just to satisfy my curiosity, is it needed to have both the values in the plugin only:

or do we also need to set max_size in the caddyfile in addition to the plugin?
What I’ve found in my setup is that the plugin has no influence on upload size, the only thing that worked for me was to edit max_size in caddyfile

@joel.edwards Yes, both things required

  1. For Caddy
  2. For CMS settings variables.

@Mahendra I changed max_size to 1024MB in caddyfile and also i added MAX_ASSET_UPLOAD_FILE_SIZE_IN_MB : 1024
in file cms.env.yml at config folder. I also added it to config.yml. i relaunched tutor but still its showing only 100MB and lets 95MB file size to upload. is there anything i missed?

Hi @kshitij_adhikaree

Still below changes were not applied properly:


Otherwise it’ll show you updated size on Files and Upload page: Maximum file size: 1024 MB

Hello @Mahendra
I tried adding it to cms.env.yml and config.yml
Whenever i try to run tutor config save “UPLOAD_CHUNK_SIZE_IN_MB: 1024” this line of code desappears
i tried restarting caddy without running tutor config save but the changes are not seen,
Am i adding
in the right file?

"Hey, have you tried the video upload feature on the CMS that allows you to upload videos up to 5GB in size? This might help you solve your problem related to video size. Please check out and Enable Video Upload on CMS - Tutor - Overhang.IO for guidance on this topic, through this you will get an option to upload videos of larger size in content dropdown of cms .