How to use indigo to create a custom theme

I am new to EdEx and am trying to setup a custom theme for my instance of Olive using the Indigo plugin. I first tried to create a custom version of indigo:

  • Fork indigo and clone to local machine
  • Make some basic changes to theme and then pip install -e repo
  • No errors on install, but when I tutor plugins list, its not there

So instead I tried to use the builtin tutor version using the following steps

  • tutor plugins install indigo

No errors with install, but still the new plugin is not listed.
BTW output of tutor config printroot:

I am guessing that this could be an issue with my virtual env, as was suggested here, but I am not sure how to troubleshoot that. Any ideas? Also any guides on how to customize indigo would be great! Thanks in advance!

Other plugins installed are:
android installed 15.0.0
discovery :white_check_mark: enabled 15.0.0
ecommerce :white_check_mark: enabled 15.0.2
forum installed 15.1.1
license installed 15.0.0
mfe :white_check_mark: enabled 15.0.5
minio installed 15.1.0
notes installed 15.0.3
webui installed 15.0.0
xqueue installed 15.0.1

I’m running into the exact same issue.

Hi, @the-cor-man, I think I just solved this for myself.

What’s your output of tutor plugins printroot?

For me, I had to clone the customized repo into that directory (cd "$(tutor plugins printroot)"), and then run pip install -e [repo name].

After that, I ran tutor plugins list and was able to spot the theme plugin, which I had renamed appropriately for my purposes.

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Hi @rediris! I gave that a try and my plugins folder is:
Is it the same for you?
Anyway, I cloned my repo to that folder, and ran the install like you did. But still there is no plugin showing up in the list. And this is for my custom repo as well as the official indigo repo.

Hi @the-cor-man,
My plugins folder is different, but it’s likely because I’m on a different OS than you. Did you change anything inside your custom repo? When I made alterations to my custom repo, I made sure to change the plugin name to something other than indigo - there was a bit of searching and replacing, and renaming a directory as well. As a beginner to this, my best guess is that you have 2 plugins named exactly the same, and as a consequence, tutor is able to recognize neither.

For mine, I had to rename the tutorindigo directory, and made alterations in, among other places.

I hope that helps…

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Hi @the-cor-man Any luck on your end?