"Plugin 'indigo' is not installed" error by default in Quince / 17.0.0

I created a completely fresh tutor install in a new VM. My understanding is that indigo was supposed to be included and enabled by default in 17.0.0 / Quince? It seems like it wants to be enabled by default, but isn’t present?

tutor --version
tutor, version 17.0.0
tutor plugins list
⚠️  Failed to enable plugin 'indigo': plugin 'indigo' is not installed.
android    	installed	17.0.0
cairn      	installed	17.0.0
credentials	installed	17.0.0
discovery  	installed	17.0.0
ecommerce  	installed	17.0.0
forum      	installed	17.0.0
jupyter    	installed	17.0.0
mfe        	✅ enabled	17.0.0
minio      	installed	17.0.0
notes      	installed	17.0.0
webui      	installed	17.0.0
xqueue     	installed	17.0.0

Do we still have to manually install it even with the latest?

I am experiencing the same issue.
Indigo is not available in the plugins list (tutor 17.0.0, fresh install) and when trying to install it with
tutor plugins install indigo
i get :
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement tutor-indigo<18.0.0,>=17.0.0 (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for tutor-indigo<18.0.0,>=17.0.0

Any ideas?
Thank you in advance!

LE: in the end i installed the theme from source and it worked.