Inconsistent student notes behavior

Any help/lead would be much appreciated.

While trying to debug, we noticed a couple of issues related to the inconsistent behavior of the Notes Visibility button and the working of notes.

Issue #1 (Issue for some of the users only and might not get reproduced by everyone):

  • Visit any chapter of the course like Course | edX
  • Notes are enabled and the notes visibility button says Hide Notes but notes do not work.
  • If the notes are not working, click Hide Notes and then again click Show Notes. Now the notes should work.
  • For us this issue is very inconsistent as it might work for some users or might not work for others.

Issue # 2:

  • Visit any page like Course | edX
  • If notes are working click on Hide Notes, and now the notes won’t work and the button will say Show Notes. Note: If the notes are not working when you load the page for the first time then click on the Hide Notes button twice and the notes will work. Now follow the steps by again clicking on that button.
  • Now click on Next to go to the next chapter and notice that the notes button says Show Notes but notes are working fine.

We just wanted to know whether the student notes visibility is associated with the individual course blocks or if it is enabled/disabled for a course as a whole.

Is this related to these issues that came up in testing the Palm release?

  1. [TC_LEARNER_39] Notes failed to load by default · Issue #227 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub
  2. [TC_LEARNER_39] Notes tab linking not working · Issue #233 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub

Does this PR fix the issue?

It should be fixed as it seems. I will test it.