Olive Bookmarks failing

i cannot seem to make the bookmarks to work, even using the demo.openedx.overhang.io i click “bookmark this page” and it says “bookmarked” but if i go out to the “bookmarks page” i do not see anything. I am using the tool the wrong way or there is something lacking in the setup?

I am working on a personal site, so i deployed a dev in local machine, there i find the same issue, where this:


Always returns 0 count of bookmarks.

Thanks you in advanced!

We currently have the same issue with the test server for Palm the next release of Open edX.

It did work when we ran the tests for Olive originally. I have an Olive.3 server in my own development setup and you are right, you can add a bookmark and it won’t show up in the “bookmarks page”. But the bookmark icon would appear on unit you bookmarked.

I even noticed that the bookmark would disappear if you move from section to section of a course and come back to the page you bookmarked.

I can confirm that in my test environment with Olive.3, adding a new bookmark displays the bookmark check on screen in the Learning MFE, but it does not add a new entry in the bookmarks_bookmark table. This might explain why the bookmark check disappear when I move from section to section afterwards.

I can also confirm that bookmarks created in courses way before Olive.3 are still showing up, but new bookmarks created in the same course with Olive.3 won’t show up.

Basically, it looks like the bookmark button in the Learning MFE does not write to the openedx database in Tutor. Permission errors? I am unsure how to access the Learning MFE logs through Tutor. Any ideas?

This issue is tracked here: Bookmark tool is not saving bookmarks · Issue #270 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub


fix: sync LMS_BASE_URL for bookmark API if changed (backport) by regisb · Pull Request #1123 · openedx/frontend-app-learning · GitHub, i will test the solution provided there and will close the issue if everything is ok now.