Insights: Jenkins Analytics Jobs S3ResponseError: 400 Bad Request (Hawthorn)

We are using Jenkins an EMR for our insights infra we recently upgrade edxapp server to Hawthorn from Ginkgo, and We are in the process of upgrading Insights. After setting up the Jenkins server when running the Module Engagement - bootstrap task the task fails with S3ResponseError: S3ResponseError: 400 Bad Request and in my override.cfg file I have the following for S3 tracking logs bucket

expand_interval = 30 days
pattern = [".*tracking.log-(?P<date>[0-9]+).*"]
source = ["s3://BUCKET-NAME/logs/tracking/"]

I read in some docs that it can be because the bucket is in the EU region but in the jenkins_env file I have export AWS_REGION="eu-west-1" which I think it takes care of that issue

Appreciate if someone has any input