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Hello friends. I am trying to install the openedx local host on my mac. (monterey 12.3.1) but, NOTES API doesn’t update for correct branch. Those are the steps I’ve done:

  1. make dev.clone.https
  2. git checkout open-release/koa.master
  3. export OPENEDX_RELEASE=koa.master
  4. make checkout
  5. make pull
  6. make provision

during the step 6 installation, it doesn’t work. Here it’s the message:

Unknown command: ‘search_index’. Did you mean clear_index?

Type ‘ help’ for usage.

make: *** [dev.provision] Error 1

Hello @Eduardo_Kruel

This looks like version mismtach.

Make sure that your devstack repo is the correct version.

Also please note koa is not the latest version maple is.

If the issue still persist you can just find the term ‘search_index’ and replace it with ‘clear_index’ in devstack repo.

It’ll solve this issue but it if there is version mismatch there could be other issues in installation.
Good luck.

It worked, thank you so much.

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