Install Open edX ubuntu 20.04

I’m installing Open edX from this address openedx-install/ at master · regisb/openedx-install · GitHub
But when it comes to the json files configuration option, I don’t find the paths mentioned. Can someone help me

Hi @juliomolonabreu, and welcome to the forum!

So, while I imagine you have good reason for using that particular howto (as opposed to using something like Tutor), may I ask why? The reason you’re running into a failure is that since the howto was written, Open edX changed to store configuration in /edx/etc/*.yml files, as opposed to JSON, and there may be other such failures.

A much better reference if you’re looking to install Open edX “from scratch” would be Tutor itself. By reading the Docker files (and understanding the template system), you should be able to extract all the information you need.

(An alternative would be to grok the Ansible scripts in openedx/configuration, but I don’t really recommend it. The repo has been deprecated and may sport inaccuracies such as the one you encountered.)

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While I very much appreciate the fact that this repo is still of interest to some people, it is preserved on GitHub only for historical purposes! Please don’t follow that tutorial. Use Tutor!

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