Installation failed koa


I’m trying to do an open edx koa.3 installation using an aws instance.

I encounter an error at installation time: ansible failed, installation failed, Your log file is at /home/ubuntu/logs/install-20210426-094226.log, Your environment: OPENEDX_RELEASE = open-release / koa. 3.

Another question, which IP address to use in EDXAPP_CMS_BASE, should I use the Ubuntu 20.04 server address, the public ip of the aws instance where the Ubuntu server is installed or the private ip?

Thanks for your help

Hi Mattia,

Just to make sure, did you follow these instructions?

In production, you would set EDXAPP_CMS_BASE with studio.. If you’re just deploying a test server you can set it to :18010.

If you’re just getting started with Open edX, you have a look at Tutor.