IOS Open edX app does not play local video (not YouTube videos)

Please help!

I have course video in MP4 uploaded to openEDX, when trying to use IOS app to play the video, “This interactive compoment isn’t yet available on mobile. Explore other parts of this course or view this on web. View in Safari”

I would feel strange to use the APP that has to get swicted to browser.

How to make the IOS app to play video natively? Do I need to convert MP4 to M4V?

Please help!

Is there any similar topics related to the same issue that can be referenced? Thanks

Where do you host your video?
If you hosted it on YouTube, you might need to add YouTube API Key to your config.
MP4 files and their audio might also vary depending on their encoding. Some of them might not be supported.

thanks for your reply!

May I know where on openEDX to specify YouTube API key? Thanks

you can read more here
I don’t remember if YouTube API key must be added to apps config.