Is Anyone Working on LTI 1.3?

good morning all! :sun_with_face::parrot::sunflower: curious if anyone has implemented LTI 1.3? any suggestions on reading materials, repos or other useful resources?

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Hi @lpm0073 :wave:t2:

We did a technical discovery on building an LTI 1.3 consumer XBlock, if this can help. We’re looking for people who would be willing to contribute to funding the effort :slight_smile:


marvelous news!!! thank you @gabrieldamours. i’ll review and confer with my client at Rice/Querium. they’ll likely be thrilled to collaborate with others on this.

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@lpm0073 do you know if anyone is working on LTI 1.1 (as opposed to 1.1.1)?

Bryan Wilson (@Appsembler) is working on such support:

It might sound weird, because that’s one minor version less that v1.1.1, but it’s actually needed to support one big LTI provider that is ScormCloud.

i’ve been working on LTI 1.1 for the last few weeks. i’m beginning a project on monday that will use LTI 1.3 (wish me luck :confused: )

Thanks @lpm0073, I think we should work together on this issue. The LTI XBlock should support different standards out of the box.

I’m interested to know what have you done so far on 1.1 and how do you plan to tackle 1.3?

@bryanlandia is leading the v1.1 support in our team.

I would like to know where can I read about supporting LTI 1.3.
I self-hosted an Ironwood release and successfully integrated with LTI and I found that LTI 1.1.1 has been supported. However I would like to know whether LTI 1.3 can be integrated.

@Roshni_X Yes, there have been discussions about adding support for LTI 1.3 - cf the current thread, to which I’m moving this message.

@lpm0073 @omar Any update on this?

@marcotuts Do you have LTI 1.3 on a roadmap, and if so could you share details on edX plans for LTI 1.3?

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Hello everyone!

We are picking up a project we hope soon relating to LTI v1.3 support for the Consumer xBlock. There is also an open pull request to add LTI v1.3 support for the provider infrastructure.

If you are interested in doign development in this space it would be great to coordinate! We have a list of additional follow-on capabilities relating to LTI as well (including support for the deep linking spec to improve the experience for existing LTI consumer xBlocks.

If you are doing active devlopment here or plan to in the next month please let me know and we can find a way to coordinate this!

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Hi @marcotuts. Glad to hear you are working on LTI v1.3…any idea on timing for when it will be available for us to connect a tool provider? End of 2020?

Hi Drew,

Thankfully this should be available much sooner than the end of 2020! The team is working on this now but I expect an update to this post with the latest in 3-6 weeks.

Do you / your instance / etc make frequent use of this xblock? Any suggestions or asks more generally about this tool?

@lpm0073 @omar Here’s an update on the project so far:

The LTI 1.3 support was merged into the XBlock LTI Consumer block via this PR.

Currently, it only implements LTI 1.3 launches (no passing grades back into the tool), but there’s ongoing work to add all LTI Advantage Extensions to it (see TNL-7314 epic for status).

The next high priority work on that epic is developing the LTI Assignments and Grades Services in the block.

Also, there’s an open ADR to expand the scope of the xblock-lti-consumer and turn it into a plugin to enable course/platform wide LTI integrations (allowing to replace course tabs and other elements with LTI embeds):

It’s still a rough draft, but I’m waiting on some feedback before polishing and adding the final details.

Please review & comment there when you have the time.

CC @antoviaque


Thanks for the update @giovannicimolin! I’ve been following the progress on GitHub, but your post provides a even better overview.

Thank you for taking on this work, esp. the expansion of the LTI into more than just an XBlock.

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this is exciting progress @giovannicimolin, thank you for the update. incidentally, i’ve done work on grade sync since we last corresponded and have a client w code in production. i’ll speak w them in the coming days to inquire on the possibility of contributing that code your efforts on LTI 1.3.

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Thanks @omar and @lpm0073!

That’s great to hear! Hopefully we can join the efforts and push these features faster.

The grade implementation we’re aiming for in the ongoing project is the LTI Advantage Assignments and Grades Service (LTI-AGS - click to read full spec).

Great news! Thanks for the update @giovannicimolin :slight_smile:

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