Is Anyone Working on LTI 1.3?

good morning all! :sun_with_face::parrot::sunflower: curious if anyone has implemented LTI 1.3? any suggestions on reading materials, repos or other useful resources?

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Hi @lpm0073 :wave:t2:

We did a technical discovery on building an LTI 1.3 consumer XBlock, if this can help. We’re looking for people who would be willing to contribute to funding the effort :slight_smile:


marvelous news!!! thank you @gabrieldamours. i’ll review and confer with my client at Rice/Querium. they’ll likely be thrilled to collaborate with others on this.

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@lpm0073 do you know if anyone is working on LTI 1.1 (as opposed to 1.1.1)?

Bryan Wilson (@Appsembler) is working on such support:

It might sound weird, because that’s one minor version less that v1.1.1, but it’s actually needed to support one big LTI provider that is ScormCloud.

i’ve been working on LTI 1.1 for the last few weeks. i’m beginning a project on monday that will use LTI 1.3 (wish me luck :confused: )

Thanks @lpm0073, I think we should work together on this issue. The LTI XBlock should support different standards out of the box.

I’m interested to know what have you done so far on 1.1 and how do you plan to tackle 1.3?

@bryanlandia is leading the v1.1 support in our team.