Is Entrance Exams working? Openedx Maple

Hello, I’m working on the maple version of openedx and with the tutor, I set up the entrance exams, both in lms.json and cms.json, I set the flags MILESTONE_APP and ENTRANCE_EXAMS to true, I set it up in studio, but even so the course content wasn’t blocked, is there anything I’m forgetting?

happy new year!

Did you use MILESTONES_APP? Also, I think these are both under FEATURES. See 4.15. Enabling Entrance Exams — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation.

yes! i’ll edit my question, its MILESTONES_APP indeed

Ok. If you are setting the correct setting, then I don’t know where the issue is. You can try debugging to see that the setting is set as you think it is, or whether there is more to the configuration that isn’t documented as well as it should be. Good luck.

there is some curious thing happen:

The image says: Your score was 0%. You passed the entrance exam.
but this is a new account and I just signed up for the course

i just turn off an on in studio config, and start to work…