Updated Versions of Open edX Software: Maple & Nutmeg

Originally published at: Updated Versions of Open edX Software: Maple & Nutmeg - Open edX

Open edX Maple and Open edX Nutmeg bring exciting features to provide an online learning experience with more detail on course dates, tracks, and walkthroughs. In addition, it introduces changes on Tutor, a focus on Open edX events and filters, and some security updates. Olive, the latest Open edX software release, was published last week and additional content…


Very instructive article showing really how Open edX is rapidly improving.

Quick notes about what’s new to me:

  • XBlock hooks and filters: I’d like to learn how to use them and what one can/can’t do with them in Open edX.
  • H5P XBlock. It’s worth exploring the tool and see how our clients would benefit from it.
  • Webhook xblock
  • A number of new interesting xblocks to discover and test
  • custom xBlock editors in Studio : not sure what it is yet nor how to use it. It would great if anyone could explain that to me,

A question about dependency upgrades:

  • I was surprised to find ES updated to v7.x. There was a discussion in the BTR working group about switching from ElasticSearch to OpenSearch for support outside AWS. Is that information outdated ?