Is it possible to give each course its own certificate design?

I have a question about certificates. Is it out of the box possible to have multiple certificates designs (templates) and then assign the right template to the right course?

Let me clarify why I need this. We offer training courses based on standards. For example a course based on ISO 9001 and another course based on ISO 14001.

We need to mention on the certificate the standard and issue date. So for course 1 we would need to mention something like ISO9001:2015 and for course 2 something like ISO 14001: 2020.

Also we want to mention on the certificate the effort involved in number of hours. I hope we can pull in the “Hours of effort” for that one and display it on the certificate.

And I would like to put the achieved grade on the certificate as well. I hope we can pull that one in from the “Overall Grade Range” field names.

But I cannot see how we can do the standard reference on the certificate. Unless there is some where a custom field option that we can apply to a course we will have to make a template for each course.

Any body any smart feedback on this?