Organization dedicated certificate template

Hello all,
Today I excited about that it is possible to have custom template for an specific organization. fantastic feature I’ve never seen until now. but it seems that it is not described enough in the documents to be used.
I have a few questions about this document:

  1. Is there any example theme for an organization or a language?
  2. Where should I do my customization actions? for example I want to change the default font for a specific organization. where should I add my codes? where should I assign this to an organization. I found that there is a Certificate templates section in django admin. What should I fill the template field of the form? is it a path?
  3. Can I see the effects of my changes using Preview Certificate of studio?

@mahyard, in order to enable custom templates for certificates, you’ll need to set settings.FEATURES["CUSTOM_CERTIFICATE_TEMPLATES_ENABLED"] = True in your lms.env.json.

After that, if you have a custom theme enabled, you can override the certificate templates in your custom theme.

The base files are found in edx-platform/lms/templates/certificates. You can copy these into your custom theme, and make changes as necessary to fit your needs.

Yes, the Preview Certificate function will direct to the regular certificate view in the LMS and should show these changes if the custom theme and templates are configured correctly.


Thank you very much @joshm
After challenging this for a while I found that in addition to CUSTOM_CERTIFICATE_TEMPLATES_ENABLED I have to activate ORGANIZATIONS_APP and define an organization and assign it to my course from django admin.
After all I can put any html or mako template code in template field of my theme. also it is possible to copy and paste the content of lms/templates/certificates/valid.html there and it works.

putting the following line:


in that field changes the certificate to an empty page which only contains the user’s username.

again thank you for your answer

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