Is Python Developer a good career choice?

Hello All, Can anyone tell me, Is being a python developer a good career choice? I want to build a career as a python developer in the Open edX world and I want to know the average salary of python developers in India as well as which skillset should be required to become a python developer? I have checked some articles like this source and It is very helpful but Is it the right choice to build a career as a python developer?

Salary in India usually depends on how much experience you have.

But overall from what I know python developer’s salaries are as moderate here, not that low, not that high. But for sure higher compared to some of the other languages of web development.

Having said that, if you want to develop yourself in Open edX, you’ll have to learn all aspects of being a web dev, i.e. you’ll not be doing only python, you’ll have to deal with everything else as well like frontend, devops etc.

Good luck.


Pro tip: don’t limit yourself to your home country. One of the best perks of being an open source developer is working remotely for whomever, wherever.

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Python is just a language. It’s my favourite one to code in, but it’s one of many, and it will change and grow and one day maybe die. When I was in uni, C++ was the language of choice, and it had replaced Pascal, and was subsequently replaced by Java. Flexibility and willingness to continue learning are key.

So I recommend not limiting yourself to one language or technology stack. The principles you learn along the way will apply now and in the future, because everything is built from what came before.

What he said :slight_smile: Dev and DevOps are great careers with lots of opportunities, everywhere!


Thank you everyone for your lovely and helpful suggestions. I am doing research for this not only with python but also includes web dev.


As everything in life, don’t think of it mainly based in monetary reasoning. Nowadays, developers are may find a prosperous field with many career opportunities but no-one knows for sure how the field will evolve. The main reason you should pursue a career as a python developer is because you find it appealing and interesting so you can continue learning and updating your knowledge.

Also, don’t constraint yourself to India. The perks of this industry is that you can find good opportunities around the world.