Intro: David Marshall - python developer

Hi: I recently found out about Edx while doing a job search for remote Python development. I live out in western Mass. where software jobs are far less plentiful than in Boston. I’ve worked for a bunch of years as a developer at UMass-Amherst building intelligent tutoring systems (e.g., WayangOutpost, Rashi, 4mality, AnimalWatch) and did some work on the peer review/research conference platform. I also teach a computer science lab at Smith College where I work with Moodle.
Since being laid off at UMass I have more time and am looking for a hacking gig and that’s how I came to this community. This seems like a great open source project to try to contribute to but its big and complicated so I guess it will take time.

I’m now in the process of coming up to speed trying to get a working devstack installed so I can begin making some small modifications to the system which might lead to some freelance work at IBL Education in NYC or perhaps some of the other places that are working with it.

I did hit some bumps along the way doing the installation and will be looking for a bit of direction but I’ll take that up in the developer section of the forums after I take one more shot at downloading/installing the master branch.