Is there a way to configure tutor local to work as dev in terms of refreshing changes in code


We are working on a project where we have to completely redesign the OpenEdx. Everything has completely different design (not just simple styling) and we have to modify all MFEs, Headers, Footers (they are in plural as they are defined in different places for example for home page and for MFEs), etc.
Also we need to customize look and some functionalities of programs. We managed to do most of the design and functionality changes but we have issues with discovery plugin and specifically programs.
All programs are configured on our UAT deployment which also has many courses which are linked to these programs. And currently there is no way to transfer programs from local to dev. Even if I export discovery DB and import it on dev, there are many hard coded URLs which makes refreshing metadata and cache impossible on dev without manually replacing all the links in all places. And then there are site configs, partners (which are different for dev and prod), and other issues which I will skip to make this shorter.
So basically only way for us is to develop programs pages in local environment, but in that case standard way of refreshing changes does not work. Even using paver and openedx assets build commands do not work (and even if they did they are too slow to be practical).
So is there a way to make changes in code refresh in dev? We need them mostly for MFEs as this most of the programs related stuff is in MFEs.

Hello @borgdrone7

These are some layered queries, while not all of them will be solved at once, but a lot of them will get cleared if you go through these documentations.

Hi, as I said we have already setup customization of all MFEs and theming in dev as I explained in my post. The issue is that I wanted to ask about applying changes in local (prod). We need this because unfortunately dev and prod discovery database mappings are different so if you want to test your prod database on local you are out of luck as many endpoinits are hardcoded in the database. For example metadata refresh of the discovery.

Basically, I want to know how can I change code in local environment and see the changes without rebuilding everything with launch.