Issue in navigating to a unit from course


I’m facing an issue in navigating to a unit form the subsection in a course.

I created 3 units in subsection and published 1st unit to cohort-A and 2nd unit to cohort-B and 3rd unit to all learners in a course.

As a learner from cohort-A, I can see the 1st unit which is published to Cohort-A and 3rd unit which is published to all learners. When I try to navigate to the 3rd unit from course view it’s navigating to 1st unit instead of the 3rd.

check the below link for the reference.

Please help me in fixing it.



Reminder, Can anyone help me to fix this issue?



We tried fixing it from our end by making code changes in lms/djangoapps/courseware app and attached patch file below. Let me know your comments on it.

patch_1609738562.patch (3.6 KB)