Issue in Tutor Palm release

Hi, I have successfully updated my tutor version tutor 16.0.2 and tutor instance runs pretty well. However I have an issue when i execute the “tutor config save” commmand. I get the following issue:

Configuration saved to /root/.local/share/tutor/config.yml
Error rendering patch ‘openedx-cms-development-settings’:

MFE-specific settings

{% for app_name, app in iter_mfes() %}
{% if app_name == “course-authoring” %}
COURSE_AUTHORING_MICROFRONTEND_URL = “http://{{ MFE_HOST }}:{{ app[“port”] }}/course-authoring”
CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST.append(“http://{{ MFE_HOST }}:{{ app[“port”] }}”)
LOGIN_REDIRECT_WHITELIST.append(“{{ MFE_HOST }}:{{ app[“port”] }}”)
CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS.append(“{{ MFE_HOST }}:{{ app[“port”] }}”)
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Error rendering template apps/openedx/settings/cms/
Error: Missing configuration value: ‘iter_mfes’ is undefined

Can anyone help me in resolving the above? Thanks in advance

One possible reason could be that tutor-mfe plugin doesn’t have a Palm release yet. There’s a commit though, that indicates upgrading to palm. Maybe if you try cloning the repository and then installing the plugin from there; It could work.

did you resolved this error?