Issue: Unable to show the logo on the header (LMS only)

Hello Everybody,

I tried to find a similar issue but could not find anything. On the LMS website, the logo is visible only once when I build the image and restart my platform. When I change or refresh the page instead of the logo it is showing text like “Education Programs Home Page”.

Since I am a new user I can not upload an image but will try to write in detail:

After building the image and restarting the tutor, opening the LMS page for the first time, and opening the logo in the new tab the URL is like this: “

After that when I refresh or go to a different page the logo URL is changing to this:

Just to mention there is no problem with studio and preview.

I installed it on Ubuntu 20.04 server using Tutor local deployment and updated the version From Maple 13.02 to Nutmeg 14.0.

The same issue persists with the Indigo theme.
Also, I searched all Tutor files inside VM and “$(tutor config printroot)/” file structure to find anything related logo or “Education Programs Home Page” but I have no clue about the issue.