Issue with creating PersistentVolumeClaim

Description: I am facing an issue with deploying Open edX on EKS. I have successfully created the cluster and all the pods, but I noticed that some of the PVCs are not being bound to the corresponding PersistentVolumes (PVs). When checking the Kubernetes events, I see the following messages:

  1. Waiting for first consumer to be created before binding for PVCs related to MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis.
  2. Timed out waiting for the condition for PVCs related to settings-lms and settings-cms.

I suspect that this issue might be related to the “WaitForFirstConsumer” binding mode used for the PVCs. Can someone from the Open edX community please help me understand this issue better and provide guidance on how to resolve it?

I have verified the resources in my cluster, and I am using the default GP2 storage class. I want to ensure that the PVCs are correctly bound to the PVs so that Open edX can utilize the persistent storage as intended.

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi @Shubhamsingh1998,

A few days back I faced the same issue. In my case, EBS CSI Driver was not installed. Run kubectl get pods --all-namespaces -o wide | grep ebs-csi Command to verify EBS CSI Driver is installed or not.

As per Install AWS EBS CSI Drriver on AWS EKS - STACKSIMPLIFY I installed EBS CSI Driver, clear PVS and and run tutor k8s launch

I hope it’ll work for you.

Hi @Mahendra Thank you for the solution I did Figured it out last night. it is working now.

Hi @Shubhamsingh1998,

It would be better if you can share your solution. It’ll helpful someone in the community.

Yes, sure! I am creating a documentation for deploying Open edX on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and I will be sharing that soon. The documentation will cover the step-by-step process, including the prerequisites, EKS cluster creation, setting up the necessary configurations, deploying Open edX components.