Issue with the ecommerce setup


I am new to openedx tutor. I set the openedx and enabled the ecommerce module.

I need course to be show the price, currency etc. So after search out the things figure out ecommerce need to setup and after enable the three modules still settings not showing.

==> Ecommerce, discovery, mfe these modules are enabled.

I also checked in the documentation that kubernatest is much for it. But it is not setup in my end.

Please can anyone confirm its working process how they are working and how ecommerce works with the courses.

I did not able to find out any demo of it so that i can check those.

Another thing is tutor command taking more then an hour to run sometime it take around 2 hours.

==> My Ram is 8gb and setup is fresh only having just dummy 3 courses.

Please anyone can help me. I am trying to figureout this from 1 week but without any success.