Ecommerce dashboard missing demo course in the course drop-down during new product creation

My apologies I’m asking a question too basic. I"m new to Open edX and I’m learning on the run as I’d like to run the platform to serve Africa’s eLearning needs. I installed a sandbox for myself using the Tutor Open edX local path and it mostly ran fine with the exception of ecommerce failing to show the demo (course-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course) course so I can create a product and that ecommerce works successfully without issues.
Can you help guide me on where to look to fix the problem so that course drop-down in ecommerce (Oscar) shows the demo course for selection during the creation of a product in ecommerce dashboard.

Kind regards,
J. Napo Mokoetle

The Demo Course is normally a free course and is not included per default in ecommerce.

Have you tried adding the course to ecommerce?

You can add a course in ecommerce through the course administration tool.

For example, if your instance is, you would use to add a new course to ecommerce.

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Thank you so much for your swift, kind and knowledgeable response. Your response was very helpful as I doubt I could have been able to find that solution.

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You might want to look at the following thread concerning the deprecation of ecommerce and the future of commerce coordinator. From what I understand this might not happen before the Redwood release (the current Open edX release is Palm with Quince coming up in December 2023 and Redwood in June 2024).

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