Issues - BTR Project Board Location Update

I’m interested in trying to make a contribution to BTR but it looks like the link to the issues board might be out of date? I’ve been looking around quite a bit and I’ve seen it linked in a few different locations but they all seem to go here:

However, it looks like that is now closed and read only.

So, I’m wondering if the relevant issues board has been moved to a new location or if there might be an updated recommendation for new contributors to find easy issues to work on?


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I believe it has been moved to the newest Github board on

Thanks. I had run across this one and thought it was probably correct but wanted to confirm.

I’ll see if I can figure out how to update the link in the couple of locations I’ve seen it.

Thanks again.


@lxmmxl56 thanks so much! Feel free to tag me on any pull requests or post on this thread if you have questions & I’ll help you sort it out.