[Olive] New release, New BTR Roster

The Build Test Release group is looking for volunteers to take on roles and support the delivery of the Open edX Olive release.

:rotating_light: Not all the roles require you to be technical. The group would really benefit from people with project management or QA/testing experience!

Here is the list of roles and their availability:

If you have any questions about the role entails feel free to post them in this thread.


Hi @BbrSofiane

I would be glad to continue the role of Release Testing Coordinator. If anyone would like to shadow/co-coordinate me in that role that is also an option.


I’d be interested in shadowing the Release Manager role. I can try to take some notes and update any oudated and/or missing info on the Release Process docs.


It’d be fun to be a bug triager for this release, so let’s do it! :dancer:t3:


@BbrSofiane , regarding our last BTR meeting and after discussing with the team I won’t be able to continue as bug triager so unfortunately I would like to step off from that role for now. Thanks a lot for all the support received from this great community!! = )


No problem, @Neo! Are you still going to be around the Open edX community?

@BbrSofiane as I mentioned in the last BTR meeting, I’m more than pleased to continue in the Bug triaging role

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I’m not volunteering for Chair, but I am volunteering tCRIL resources to host the Zoom call. This is the new Zoom URL: Launch Meeting - Zoom

The call gets recorded automatically, anybody can join at any time, and @pdpinch, @BbrSofiane, @regis, @Dean and @nedbat are set as co-hosts. Let me know if I should add anybody else.

I also updated the event in the Community Calendar accordingly.